Coaching Consultations

I am delighted to welcome you to my sunny office half-way towards Emigrant Lake so you can see if coaching is the right fit for you. I do not charge for initial consultations. I have coached people via video chat in many locations including Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; London; Tahiti; and Dubai. Please email me at to set up an appointment. Or you can call my office at 541-708-0595 or my cell at 541-864-9932.

Individual, Couples and Family Coaching

I will see clients on an hourly basis though that is not my preference. For best results, I find coaching is usually done as a "package deal." Part of engaging in the coaching process is about committing to change and change takes time. I find that four months gives people a fair opportunity to clarify what they want to work on and enough space to try on some new "ways of being" and practices. Some clients choose to extend their packages. The minimum package is four months and I have coached several clients for a period of years. The hope is that after coaching you are able to sustain the changes you have made. In the end, you walk away with more tools and the confidence to act as your own life coach. Please contact me to discuss further what your needs are and I will be happy to share my rates with you.

Empty Nesting Coaching Packages

The Empty Nest Package Includes:

1 session in July or August (pre-college)

1 session in August or September (post drop-off to college)

1 session in November (before Christmas break)

1 session in January (post Christmas break)

All sessions are one-hour in length in my office. The cost for this package is $375.

Academic Life Coaching Package for Students

I offer Academic Life Coaching for middle school, high school and college students for a $1,200 package. This includes ten one-hour sessions in my sunny office in Ashland, Oregon. I can also video chat. See below for terms of payment.

Corporate & Non-profit Rates

Please contact me directly with your training needs so we can see what makes sense. I have half-day, full-day and consultation rates available.

Enneagram Interviews

I have helped hundreds of people find their Enneagram Type through group and individual coaching. Enneagram Interviews to discover your Type or further deepen your knowledge if you already know your type, cost $150 for a session of 1.5 hours.

Terms of Payment

I accept cash, checks and Paypal payments. Most insurance companies do not pay for coaching (yet!). I accept checks or Paypal payments made through HSA accounts. Payments for your coaching package are made in one month increments, with a deposit of at least $300 to begin the process. If you choose to pay four months in advance, I will take 10% off.

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