On Individual Life Coaching

Time with Renée as a coach is a rich, rewarding and revelatory journey. It is an experience brimming with surprises and insight. I thought I was after habit-changing tools when I began; perhaps we’d have some conversations concerning boundaries and balance. There was so very much more! Renée is exceedingly talented at eliciting thoughts and ideas, which in turn, shed light on my true, honest and perfect self direction. I came away with a stronger sense of spirit, love, creativity, wholeness and power. I learned skills for change, and skills to maintain consistency and continuity so that I might continue improving for the rest of my life. ~Lis Leader, age 52, Santa Barbara, CA

Renée brings wisdom, insights, life experience, dedication and compassion to her practice as a Life Coach. It’s been a year since we finished our coaching, and I still rely on the tools she helped me discover and develop. Renée helped me navigate a particularly difficult transition in my life and I am forever grateful for all of the emotional support, practical advice, and soul searching that we did together. ~Lorie

Renée created a professional, relaxing, welcoming environment for growth. Coaching challenged me. I have more confidence to face my deepest fears. I’ve learned about my boundaries, especially concerning social media. I learned what it means to have the courage to connect with myself, my true wants and needs, and my mission. I have renewed self-respect and trust myself more. ~Ashley Pereless; age 26, NYC

I was at a place in my journey where coaching was the perfect fit. Part guide, part friend, and co-creator, I felt held and nurtured throughout the process. Renée is a great person to have cheering you on. ~Erin

When Renée coached me she didn't just serve up leftover recommendations from prior clients. It was clear that she had meticulously researched and considered every aspect and tailored it to my needs and situation. It's clear that for Renée coaching isn't a job, it's her absolute PASSION!" ~Dr. Jim Knickerbocker; Executive Coach at Intrepid Growth, Denver, CO

On Relationship & Family Coaching

Renée’s warmth and openness proved invaluable to our family. She was always positive and enthusiastic about the process. When I felt desperate, afraid, and alone because of some very challenging teenage times, Renée was always available to offer the support I needed. Some of the tools she introduced us to, which greatly assisted us along our journey to a healthier family, were: Family Agreements, logical consequences vs. punishment, The “NO” sandwich, and The Family Code. Her creative touches and thoughtfulness helped us to open our hearts for the healing process. Renée is a warm, friendly, engaged, knowledgeable, and gifted coach. ~Kelly S., age 51

Though I am familiar with the financial world, Renée helped me frame a new way of handling finances with my teen-aged daughter. I wanted to teach my daughter how to track her spending; see when her spending was in balance with the satisfaction she got from her purchases; and to keep her spending within her earnings. In the process I learned to step back as she made her own decisions. What a joy to hear her say, "Well, that was not worth what I spent; I'm not doing that again!" or "Mom, I'm very proud to watch my bank account get fat! " Growing from the seeds of Renée's coaching, my daughter has reached the point we all want for our children: financial knowledge and independence. Thank you Renée for your big heart and practical advice. You gave me the courage to take what I thought was a tough task with a teenager and watch it unfold into pure joy. 
~Sandra Claypool, Director of Major Gifts (retired), Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR

It has been invaluable for me and my partner to invest in the creation/recreation of our concept of family within a clear, structured container. Renée listened to our vast amount of story and experience, and with an open heart, deep caring, and gratitude, helped us go to the next level of our relationship. ~Oona J. Meade; Workshop Leader and Skin Care Specialist

The most important thing I learned from couples coaching with Renée was the need to stay curious about who I am, who my partner is, and what we can achieve. I can also say that aving witnessed how much preparation Renée invests, and everything that comes with the coaching package, the value of the sessions was more than perfect. ~MH

I appreciate Renée’s wisdom and role modeling. Whether it’s the shape of the questions I ask my kids, the form of the rituals I plan (and that I plan them at all!), or the discussions I have with my husband about parenting, what I’ve learned from Renée and her family is always the key ingredient. Because of knowing Renée, my family is stronger--a true gift! ~Mary Rogan; mother of two; Founder of

When my daughter was struggling with college, career and all the uncertainty of life I was grateful to hire Renée as a Life Coach for her. Renée's ability to work with Sarah through her issues transformed my daughter from emotional and overwhelmed to contemplative and focused. It has been so beautiful to see Sarah's joy return. ~Cindy Parks; Nurse Practitioner; age 47

Renée asked great questions that really made me think about my life and the place I was and am in now. Her coaching style is very interactive and we did lots of exercises and activities. Knowing my enneagram type (I'm a Type 7) helps me understand that sometimes I need to slow down and breathe. Renée helped me see that and gave me advice on how to take these moments. I’m still worried about what my future path might be but I’m no longer afraid of the unknown. I am grateful to Renee for showing me I have the skills I need to live my life! ~Sarah, age 20

On the Enneagram

I have been fascinated by the Enneagram for literally decades, and have had many "experts" tell me what number I am. I could tell they weren't right, but I was no better at finding my own number. After the single session we spent together, Renée gently offered several suggestions. She graciously sent me home with reading material and the spaciousness it took for me to consider the depth of her insights. This new-found knowledge has already helped me be more effective in the relationships I care most about. ~DG

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