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Embracing Possibility

People come to Balanced Life Coaching for many different reasons. Usually there is an interruption in life that shows us we just can’t continue the same way we have been. It becomes obvious that something needs to change. Problems arise and we realize that our present course no longer serves us, or that we need to move away from relationships that are draining. Pressure builds until an opening is created. It takes courage to know when to reach out and risk changing. It is a vulnerable act to look at who you are and to consider how you want to be.

I can help you by listening deeply to understand your life and to hear what is important to you. Together, we discuss what you want to develop in yourself and then make a roadmap so you can transition gracefully and with a sense of your own power. Coaching can help you to go beyond goals and insights to start experiencing life from a new vantage point. It’s the difference between moving the furniture around the room to create a fresh perspective, and moving from the second floor to the tenth. Life on the tenth floor feels different!

I can help you transition from who you were to who you are now.



  • Life balance

  • Redefining Meaning & Purpose

  • Rediscovering Values
  • Belonging & Acceptance
Becoming Physically Active
  • Illness, Grief & Loss

  • Project Completion
  • Giving & Receiving Support
  • Building Financial Security
  • New Baby

  • Rough Patches in Child Development

  • How to Have Family Meetings

  • Readjusting Rhythms: Active and Calm

  • Creating Family Traditions

  • Dealing with Technology
Separation or Divorce

  • Empty Nesting

  • Becoming a Grandparent

I love what I do. I bring many skills as a coach, facilitator, mentor, parent and partner. It is an art to listen deeply and to really hear. Allowing yourself to be heard, supported and gently challenged requires vulnerability and openness. I have been trained by the best and can help you make changes you can sustain. Together, we find your unique way forward so that you can live your life fully. I'm ready if you are. Email me at for a free consultation in my sunny office and we'll see what's next.

What new possibilities exist for you?

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