Creating family is the adventure of a lifetime.

Whether it is establishing family rhythms that work for everyone, changing how technology is dealt with at home, relating to a surly teen, or learning how to run a family meeting, I can help.

I have a clear understanding of what it takes to create stable relationships within the home and still relate to the outside world, with its pressures of busyness and technology. I weave together the skills I have learned from becoming a Simplicity Parenting Group Leader, a mediator, a couples facilitator, a mentor and leadership coach for teens.

When dissatisfaction and conflict arise, I help families make small, doable changes to empower both children/teens and parents.

The key is continuing to have a fresh, loving and practical approach along with clear goals and communication. Add in some support and celebration and you’ve got the momentum to keep going. I aim to create flexible structures so that all family members contribute to the whole and each member is honored for their contributions.

Family Coaching

My family coaching program benefits children, tweens and teens, and, when appropriate, includes a couple’s aspect. A family coaching session may include all family members, or just those who need extra support or are dealing with conflict. I can help with sibling rivalry, blending families, and extended families to build upon what is already working and invite more fun and creativity. Feel free to call (541-864-9932) or email me at to talk more.

Teen Coaching

With teenagers, the challenge is finding common ground between what family used to feel like and a teen’s growing independence. I help parents and teens navigate healthy separation. With support and new ideas your family can come to a new understanding of expectations, which may include an alcohol and drug agreement. I defuse violence and drama, looking for opportunities where family members can listen to one another and identify common anchors of stability. “Keep the conversation going” is a phrase I use to guide progress and encourage listening.

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